5 Most Romantic Cities in The World

Valentine’s Day is here! In honor of the holiday of love, we’ve compiled a list of the most romantic cities in the world. Use these cities as a form of inspiration for the heart filled season and celebrate your love with a trip to any of these cities. A charming romantic getaway is never a bad date idea after all.


 Paris is undeniably known as one of the most romantic cities in the world; almost feels too cliché to put in this article. What can we say? We are suckers for what this beautiful city must offer. Filled with classy cafés and loads of sightseeing for those in love, you can’t help but to snap a picture in the scenic Mantemartre or take a walk along the Seine River. If you are feeling adventurous, head to the Jardin Du Luxembourg or one of the city’s beautiful gardens. If you want that oh-so-cliché movie romance, nothing makes for a more unforgettable date than dining with some cheese and wine under the city’s most famous icon – The Eiffel Tower.


In all honesty, a list of romantic cities would be utterly inadequate without Venice. The city’s unique architecture and canal system make for breathtaking views and an entrancing culture that you won’t find elsewhere. Nothing screams romantic than a gondola ride through the city’s scenic canals or an authentic Italian dinner at one of their many restaurants and quaint cafés.


Due to its elegant architecture, Prague is considered one the world’s greatest romantic wonders. You can take a walk with your special someone from the castle to the Colossal Old Town Square through Charles Bridge. Yes, we said castle. The castle is a well-known hot spot for all tourist and/or romance enthusiast (like yourself) to enjoy. Its beautiful architecture is breathtaking, ranging from Romanesque style from the 10th century to architectural modifications finished in gothic style of the 14th century; this is truly a site to see. The beauty of this ancient city and the profusion of beautiful cobblestones and spire throughout Prague is enough to make anyone fall in love. 


The Dutch capital of romance is also currently standing as a favorite destination of teen couples since 2014. No surprise there; Amsterdam is filled with an abundance of beautiful sites. Spend that much-needed quality time together by enjoying the serene and quiet ambiance of Vondelpark. Not a night stroller? Then go on canal boat tours and feel the authenticity of this romantic city. The bright buildings, quaint hotels, and far out bars make this traveling destination a must. 


Rome brings a sort of old world charm that differs a bit from the rest of the romance capitols. Architecture awakens the city but it is truly the urban atmosphere that brings this city to life. Its authenticity is felt with every step you take among the streets of Rome. Providing many different experiences for every couple, this is the place to be. Get lost in a random dance party or take a stroll along the streets while enjoying some delicious gelato from Gelateria. If you really want to engage with the cultural lateral, Rome offers the Borghese Gallery to experience some amazing art. Afterwards, don’t forget to check out the Borghese Gardens with your loved one. If you begin to feel hungry, you can always visit restaurants like The Library to have a private and romantic meal.

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Valentine’s Day may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the romance should! There’s never a wrong time to bring your sweetheart to one of the romance capitals of the world – and when you do, visit us at for more lovely destinations. Happy travels! 


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