What’s Your Travel Type?

Most people have a particular way that they do things. We have a morning routine, a special route we like to take to work or school and specific way we choose what to eat for dinner. But, when it come to how we travel, things can seem a bit uncertain. Lucky for you, we have put together a little chart that reveals the two most common travel personalities and how they differ. So now we ask you: How do you travel? Are you a planner? Do you like order and schedule? Or are you more the type to by the ticket, book the hotel. and just “wing it”? Before you check our graphic, lets give you a little background on the two types of travelers we’ve chosen.

To put it simply, there are two ways of traveling:

Traveler A
Traveler A, for example, is organized and has set plans. This traveler makes use of every second of their time planning out intricate details of things to while on their trip. A common mindset for Traveler a would be as follows: flight lands at 2:55pm. Get luggage at 3:05pm. Get in cab from airport, arrive at hotel 4:00pm. Dinner reservations 6:30pm. This traveler has itineraries printed in hand and everything is mapped out and ready to go.  Although planning a trip can be a huge asset,  it can also hinder the travelers actual experience. If you’re constantly worried about the time and the next plan on your journey, you may miss the opportunity that is right in front of you!

Traveler B
Traveler B on the other hand,  is the more lenient, relaxed and the play-it-by-ear type of traveler. Sure, flight times are exact but plans for after that? Who knows! This traveler definitely takes full advantage of being on vacation in another city but they just want to fly by the seat of their pants and explore whatever it is that they just happen to come across. This can pose problems because unlike their counterpart Traveler A, B has made no plans at all and may spend more time trying to find something to do rather than actually doing it.

What’s more important for you to accomplish while you travel? Take a look at our (lovely) chart to help you decide: What kind of traveler are you?

Is one of these ways of travel better than the other? Not necessarily. They’re just different. The way you travel depends on your background, finances, and generation you were born into. Whatever the case, embrace your travel type and go see the world!