Which extra hotel fees are worth the price?


Early check-in fees, resort fees, internet fees, minibar restocking fees, baggage-holding fees. Nowadays, hotels and resorts are tacking on steep surcharges, making it difficult to determine which extras are worthwhile. These fees and surcharges vary from “late checkout to spa services to pool and recreational activities, to fitness facilities and classes, along with a number of other ways to make guests more comfortable,” says Rosanna Maietta, senior vice president of Communications and Public Relations at the American Hotel & Lodging Association. In fact, U.S. hotels will rake in an estimated $2.55 billion in such charges this year, according to an analysis by Bjorn Hanson, a clinical professor at the NYU School of Professional Studies Jonathon M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism, prompting many travelers to wonder if they’re getting nickel-and-dimed by such fees.


To help you decide when to spring for extra add-ons, U.S. News enlisted guidance from top hotel experts. Here are the fees you should — and shouldn’t — splurge on to optimize value on your next trip.


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