TGIS (Thank Goodness it’s Sunday)

1. What you don’t see, is what you get…We have all heard of the old saying, “What you see is what you get,” but sometimes you want what you don’t see. Almost all hotels publish same room rates on all public websites, however, most also offer discount hidden rates up to 30% cheaper through unpublished channels, like the call center.

2. TGIS (Thank Goodness it’s Sunday)Most guests check out on a Sunday, so hotels have a lot of availability on Sunday nights. Checking in on a Sunday night will usually reduce the average room rate for your stay and help with Monday blues.

3. There’s no place like homeMany hotels, for instance, those in Florida & Hawaii, offer state resident discounts. All you need is a state-issued ID at check in and you can save an extra 10-20%. So next time you take a staycation or local getaway make sure you show off that driver’s license.

4. Save the best for the last…minuteThe best way to find last minute deals is through mobile websites, mobile apps and by calling in. Many hotels will offer limited discount rates to mobile users only, so keep those apps handy.

5. Insiders OnlyMost websites offer limited special rates, flash rates and extra room availability on sold out hotels to their registered and logged in users. So make sure you sign up and sign in before searching.

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