Close Integrates with TrustYou to Provide Transparent Reviews for Consumers partners with the world leading feed back platform TrustYou to enhance the online booking experience for consumers. Customers will have access to thousands of legitimate reviews from users around the world on the hotel of their choice at their fingertips. partners with TrustYou – the world’s largest feedback platform – to analyze and benchmark the online reputation of their own hotel brands across the entire web. TrustYou collects and evaluates feedback for 500,000 hotels worldwide and displays well-structured data by means of a sophisticated tool.

Reservations,com utilizes TrustYou’s technology called “Meta-Reviews” as an enhancement to travelers. Content will now provide in-depth insight into consumer selected hotels by use of summarized review content. TrustYou’s “Meta-Reviews” are the summary of verified hotel reviews and are integrated into numerous sites like Google Search and Maps, TUI, and This information influences millions of booking decisions from travelers worldwide. Not only are Meta-Reviews the easiest and most structured way to review content, but they also remarkably improve the search-shop-buy experience for travelers, particularly on mobile devices. Reviews have become a vital part of the search-shop-buy process. This underlines the importance of featuring review data in hotel descriptions, alongside the price and amenities, to boost bookings.

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