5 Ways to Do Valentines on The Cheap

Valentine’s Day is a known as a day for intimacy and romance – but also as thee day to shower your beloved in an overcoming number of gifts along with an overwhelming expenditure of every dime in your wallet… for love.

For those of us with a meaner wallet and a passion for experiences rather than your basic material possessions, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find a list of relatively inexpensive activities that will spark up nothing but the romance with your adored, rest assured your wallet will thank you later.



Skip the fancy dinner table and create a romantic picnic instead! Your partner will love the intimacy and thought put into a picnic. Plus, there’s lots of different picnics you can have. Here’s a little how-to-picnic for those looking to save a few bucks:

  • Night Picnic – Make sure to bring a jacket or extra blanket you can both cuddle up with. You can show off your cooking skills by preparing a nice meal and pack it. Plus having a few candles (preferably battery operated) will help put you add the romantic mood.
  • Day Picnic – If you want to do more than just a romantic meal, go for a day picnic. You can do a little exploring of your surrounding area, possibly even a day tour created by you and curated for that special someone.
  • Picnic at The Park + A Movie – Many places show movies in the park and most of those movies have a specific theme, particularly on Valentine’s Day. But don’t let the park do all the work for you, show up with a few cozy blankets, a basket of snacks (preferably your partners favorites’) and crack open a bottle of wine.



Have a few extra blankets and some Christmas lights lying around? Perfect! Make a cute tent in the living room with some lights and a few extra old sheets. You can pull in a TV or even play a little board game inside. Bring in some fun desserts to your new humbled abode. Keep the intimacy while having lighthearted fun arranging furniture to build your private little romantic tent.



A cheap trick many people don’t consider is hitting up happy hour. Not only do most happy hours offer luxurious drinks at a discounted price, but they also have a variety of side dishes on the cheap. You can mix and match desserts, small appetizers, and sides all for less than a meal a restaurant would normally charge.



If you are looking for something a little less expensive but still want a eloquent getaway trip, try a Bed & Breakfast. You will be able to have some alone time while also being served meals by the establishment. Plus, most B&B’s are found in quaint little areas which you can explore and enjoy together.



For the artists that want to spend time with their significant other, grabbing a few canvasses to paint will set you off on the right start. If you aren’t the creative type, not to worry, there are tons of places who offer fun classes, plus they generally offer wine, win-win.


We really hope you give one of these (or all of them for you go-getters) a try. And for those of you who are still very much interested in getaways with bae, small or big regarding any occasions, visit us at to book your next stay.


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