World on a Budget: Rome

Italy – a vast country full of treasures that date back to ancient times But where does one start when there’s so much to see? Rome. It might cost you some money to actually get to Rome but once there, you can live on a very minimal budget. You see, if you time it right and go to the best places, you’d be able to enjoy them for free. Do expect a lot of competition though because many other tourists will want to see the best attractions in Rome, too. 

Look Up at the Pantheon 

You cannot and definitely should not miss out visiting the Pantheon when you take a trip to the Eternal City. This dates back almost 2,000 years ago but still stands to this day. Its most beautiful feature can be found when you look up. It has an oculus that lets in natural light.

Walk Up the Spanish Steps

Or sit on them if you’ve been out walking all day. The Spanish Steps is a great place to just chill and relax, not just because it’s free but because it’s one of the city’s most popular attractions. Many flock here to get discovered or to finally find a Mr. or Mrs. Right. 

Faith in St. Peter’s Basilica 

St. Peter’s Basilica happens to be the world center of the Catholic Church. Not only that, it is a work of art in itself. Entrance to the main floor is free but you might have to touch elbows or be shoulder to shoulder with throngs of tourists who are just as interested as you are to get in. When you do get in, make sure to view the Pieta. Some even rub the foot of St. Peter’s bronze statue for good luck. 

Museum Hopping 

Rome is chock full of museums all around the city. And it’s no wonder since the city is just brimming with history and culture. Don’t let the culture and history go to waste without learning a thing or two about it. Most museums offer free admission every first Sunday of the month including the Vatican Museum. 

Free Puppet Show 

If you’re bringing your whole family to Rome, complete with kids in tow, you might want to drop by at the Park Gianicolo. It is famous for its panoramic views of Rome, but more so for its Teatro Vedre free puppet show. This is an age old European tradition that your children are sure to love, even if it’s in Italian. 

Cat Sanctuary 

If you’re a lover of felines, you will love a visit to the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. The cats lounge and frolic in the area and the place is just as beautiful to behold. 

Villa Borghese 

This is one of the most beautiful and expansive gardens in Rome. You can have a picnic here and the kids can explore the place. It’s free admission every first Sunday of the month. You also have a choice of going to the Villa Sciarra which has a playground for your kids and it’s located next to an exotic bird aviary. You’re hitting three birds with one stone for the latter. 

Free Food 

You read it right. The Hostaria Romana offers free cookies, after dinner limoncello, and grappa at no cost. There are also other restaurants and cafes that offer complimentary drinks and appetizers such as the Brunello, Enoteca Ferrara, and Ludovisi Palace Hotel. 

Trevi Fountain 

It’s not completely free since you’ll be tossing in a coin into the Trevi Fountain but legend has it that when you do, it will ensure your return to the city. What’s a coin to a trip back to this beautiful country? 

Estate Romana

When you visit Rome during its summer festival, then you’ll definitely have a chance at enjoying Estate Romana. During this time, all of Rome becomes a place for various outdoor performances. You can see concerts, film showings, art and book fairs, and many more. And the best part? Most of them are free. 

Miracle Players at the Forum 

Another reason to visit Rome during the summer is to watch the Miracle Players at the Forum. This theatre group stages public performances at the Roman Forum for free. You can see funny and original plays that’ll make you remember your stay in Rome forever. 


It may not be the high end part of Rome, but it has a charm to it. It’s also quite picturesque so it’s best to have your camera in two. This is a great place to just relax and dine because there are so many bars and cafes available. If not, you can just stroll through the place, if you can manage to resist the aromatic temptations wafting from cafes.