World on a Budget: Miami

One word that can best describe Miami is beautiful. The sounds of the waves lapping over the shoreline, the bright blue South Florida sky, and the collections of different artworks scattered around galleries and even city walls, all make Miami a beautiful place to visit. Miami is a seaport city and is the second most populous in the United States. With so many places you can visit, you’re bound to find one or more free things to do in this city.

Be a Beach Bum

Miami is filled with free beaches. That’s right – most of the beaches are free! And you know what else is free in Miami? Sunshine! The Sunshine State stands out during winter when most of the states in America are covered in white snow. When you feel that the chill is just too much, you just might want to go beach hopping in Miami for free!

It’s guaranteed that there will be a lot of people on the beach, if you don’t mind that, then great! If you want a quieter beach, you should go further north. If you want to enjoy the beach without getting sand between your toes you can simply walk on the raised boardwalk found on Miami Beach Central.

Art Deco 

Art can be found practically everywhere in Miami. The walls on the buildings are a great place to pose for a picture. You can also go on a guided walking tour which can take you through a maze of artworks. Although a self-guided tour is the free option. 

There is also an Art Walk in Miami. This allows tourists to view Miami artistically and also get a chance to see the different parts of the city. The most popular Art Walk is held every second Saturday of the month and its found in Wynwood Arts District as well as the Design District. 

A great place to start for a dose of art is the Wynwood Walls, which is home to curated graffiti. Strike a blogger pose and you’re good to go. 

Visit Museums 

There are free Museum days you can enjoy in Miami. If you crave more art or more history and culture, there are museums that are open for free on the second Saturday of every month. The Perez Art Museum Miami is one example. The Wolfsonian-FIU Museum, on the other hand, offers free entrance every Friday after 6 in the evening. 

Free Yoga 

Is yoga your thing? Then you’ll be ecstatic over the news that free yoga can be found anywhere in Miami. There is free yoga at the Bayfront Park every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Every Saturday mornings, free yoga can be found in Coconut Grove at Kennedy Park. On Wednesdays and Saturday evenings, you can find free yoga in Margaret Place Park. Lastly, Sunday mornings on the Mondrian in South Beach offers free yoga plus a beautiful view of the bay. 

You won’t have any excuse to shy away from your exercise even on vacation, because there are free sessions everywhere! 

Free Bootcamp Workouts 

Since Miami is the place to wear your skimpiest bikinis, you’ll want to stay in shape while you’re in vacation. And Miami does that very well with its free boot camp workout offers. You can find these on various locations and they are hosted by Miami-Dade County Parks and the Recreation and Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness Program. 

Free Transportation 

If you want to go from point A to point B in Miami but don’t want to spend the extra cash and at the same time want to scratch walking from your options, then the Metromover is your best option. The Metromover is free and can get you to your favorite places in Miami from Downtown, to Brickell, and even to Bayside. The best part is that there’s no limit to how many times you ride the Metromover. As long as you need a free ride, just hop on. 

Biscayne National Park Family Fun Fest 

If you’re traveling with the whole gang, it’s best to visit Miami on the second Sunday of each month from December to April. Entrance to the event is free and you can get to enjoy a lot of interactive outdoor activities, nature interactions, as well as hands-on activities, that both you and your kids are sure to enjoy. 

Free Movies 

Who doesn’t enjoy a free movie? Okay, maybe a select few. But when you try the free movies offered every select Wednesday nights at the SoundScape at New World Center, you might just change your mind. They play the classics and you can just laze around with friends or family on the 2.5 acre public park.